This truly unique project handled by UWG and Belmet Marine is the first Rig Assembled Conductor Platform (RACP-type platform) designed and built for use in the oil industry. 
Instead of having a conventional jacket structure to support the wells, the well conductors act as the jackets themselves.  This innovation minimizes the amount of steelwork required and greatly reduces installation costs; since all installation work is carried out from the oil rig without any need for construction vessels, diver support or other costly equipment.  Design work included a primary structure constructed from BS4360 grade 50D plate material with thickness of between 25mm and 40mm and secondary access structure constructed from sectional steel grade material. 
The entire project was built to tolerance of 0.001% (a maximum deviation of 8mm on 6.014mm) according to Class Rules and approved by the American Bureau of Shipping inspection authority.
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