The Sedneth 701 is an Earl & Wright Sedco 700 design semi-submersible drilling rig and Belmet was awarded a contract fo fabricate nine cement silos of 3.66m diameter by 6.7m high in Cape Town, for delivery to the rig that was undergoing a refit in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

The original delivery schedule was 5 months, but due to project changes, the fabrication period was shortened to 3.5 months.  This revised schedule was achieved by Belmet subcontracting certain sections (mostly the rolling of plates and cones) to a local Cape Town engineering contractor.  All final assembly, welding, testing and painting took place at Belmet’s heavy fabrication workshop.  The abnormal road transport was performed by local contractors with a typical delivery lead time  of 2 – 3 days per unit from Cape Town to Walvis Bay.

Belmet, through our Namibian subsidiary (Belmet Marine Engineering Namibia (Pty) Ltd) was also commissioned to perform the installation of the silos on the rig in Walvis Bay, including the pipe work for the silos (done by 3C Metal), supply and installation of walkways and structures.  Transocean found that with Belmet being headquatered in Cape Town and having been in operation for over 45 years, Belmet had excellent trade and settlement discount agreements with their suppliers.  The purchase of general supply goods through Belmet made sound business sense since these savings were passed directly onto Transocean with full transparency – the products supplied ranged from plate and steel sections, to nuts and bolts, to piping, to slings.

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