This project entailed the fabrication of a 150 T Cable Spooling Unit complete with containerised power pack unit.

The initial prototype spooling unit was fabricated in 2005, while the second unit was completed in 2009 and incorporated various improvements on the first unit.  The scope of work included the installation of a disc brake for constant tensioning; the installation of outriggers on the main frame; simplification of the controls; the addition of a hydraulic hand pump for manual override purposes; and numerous safety measure improvements.

The majority of the specifications and requirements were supplied by the client, yet the unit was designed in-house, with the following technical specifications:

Maximum weight of reel: 150T
Maximum length of reel: 4m
Maximum flange diameter: 5m

The structure holding the reel was 7.5m long and 2.4m wide – this ensured ease of transportation without the necessity of an abnormal load vehicle.

The power pack container was fabricated using a standard 6m shipping container cut down to 4m length and stiffened so as to allow for a single point sling lift.  A Deutz Diesel engine was then installed inside the container complete with hydraulic tank and all necessary controls. The total weight of the power pack container was approximately 6.5T.

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