In parallel with the design of the MPET (Multi Purpose Elevator Transporter, 750 Tonne capacity), Belmet fabricated the ± 150 Tonne MPET unit in just 12 weeks for Hampco/Pacific Drilling.

It was a challenging project in the sense that the design was done while fabrication was in process with a hectic delivery schedule. Solidworks (CAD) modeling was however used by Hampco (Houston, UK) and Belmet with all components modellled in 3D. Material off-takes were done from the 3D model and CNC plate cutting was done the day there after. The main MPET components were installed onboard the Pacific Mistral in Table Bay, using the Floating Crane to load the units onto a supply vessel in Cape Town Harbour from the quay, where after the units were transported to the Pacific Mistral.

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