Belmet Marine Engineering Namibia secured a contract from Elgin Brown and Hamer (EBH) for their client, Maersk Group, for the fabrication of garage structures to accommodate three new winches that were to be installed on the Maersk Battler vessel – an anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel.  These heavy duty work vessels are critical to the offshore oil and gas industry and are used primarily for supply to oil rigs;  to tow the rigs to location;  to anchor the rigs up;  and in some cases to act as emergency rescue and recovery vessels.  AHTS vessels are fitted with winches for the towing and anchor handling;  have an open stern to allow for the decking of anchors;  and the onboard machinery is specifically designed for anchor handling operations.

The project entailed the fabrication of eight modular structures and due to the tight lead time given by the client, six modules were fabricated in Belmet’s Walvis Bay workshop and the balance of two in Belmet’s Cape Town workshop.  The material was a combination of imported plate from Europe and local South African plate;  with Lloyds Register acting as third party inspection authority.

Belmet submitted a complete three dimensional model of the complete structure prior to commencement of the project – including all eight modules – and this allowed both Belmet and client the opportunity to identify potential structural clashes and difficult weld areas.  The structures were blasted and primed in Cape Town, to offer corrosion protection, whilst the structures in Namibia were, as per the client request, uncoated.

The project was completed within six weeks (from start to final delivery to the client) and was delivered on-time and within budget, with installation being handled by EBH Namibia.
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