Belmet is a diversified steel fabricator operating in the oil & gas, diamond mining, mineral processing and marine industries, in both local and international markets providing steel fabrication of offshore structures for the oil and gas industry for, amongst others, rigs, drill ships and subsea structures, as well as high pressure piping and general fabrication work. Belmet also handles general engineering, equipment rental and project management services for a growing base of international customers.


African Representation

Cape Town, South Africa – Head Office and Workshop
Walvis Bay, Namibia – Administrative Office and Workshop
Accra, Ghana – Administrative Office
International Affiliations

3C Metal – Sauvelade, France
3C Metal South Africa – Cape Town, South Africa
3C Global Services – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our History

Belmet was established in 1968 in Bellville, Cape Town, as a general engineering fabricator focusing predominantly on the construction materials industry. Over the years and on an annual basis, the Company grew organically as the local market transformed and grew at a relatively marginal rate. However, the main focus of Belmet shifted to the marine industry in 1990, when it was identified by Belmet that this sector required suppliers who were technologically adaptive to the industry – this meant that the traditional ship repair business was circumvented and pre-fabrication of large structures became the norm at Belmet. Traditionally the ship repair companies had focused on ad hoc in-situ repairs, which required a presence in the Cape Town Docks, however, Belmet decided to pre-fabricate in their Bellville factory and to install new structures on customer-owned vessels, once these vessels docked in the harbour.

This advanced approach to the marine industry in Cape Town, initially, enabled Belmet to become the leaders in the use of CAD-software (3-D CAD and 3-D AutoShip) within the local ship repair industry. The acquisition of these design capabilities allowed Belmet to model structural designs and to thereby identify potential pitfalls before the physical fabrication process commenced. These savings in workshop man-hours ensured Belmet was able to offer shorter lead-time deliveries and absolute accuracy of manufacture, eliminating time-consuming on-site modifications.

In 2005, Belmet ventured into the subsea fabrication industry and following the successful delivery of seven Manifolds for Subsea 7 on the PetroSA South Coast Gas Development Project in late 2006, further contracts were secured through Subsea 7 on the ExxonMobil Saxi Batuque Project and on the Chevron Tombua Landana Project. The thrust into this high-tech fabrication sector has firmly placed Belmet in the international subsea fabrication arena and further growth opportunities within West Africa are being pursued.

In 2010 Belmet opened a fully fledged fabrication facility in Walvis Bay, Namibia. This development was brought about mainly through customer requests, close proximity to West African (especially Angola) markets and the current expansion of Walvis Bay to cater for the offshore oil and gas, marine, industrial and mining sectors. Another main reason was the shift in customer patterns from Cape Town to Walvis Bay – the premise being that the excellent operating model in Cape Town could be easily replicated where the customers wanted Belmet to offer its services; i.e. for the marine, offshore oil and gas, mining and industrial sectors. The Namibian government has also identified the offshore oil and gas industry as a significant factor in the future growth of Walvis Bay and to this end have provided and earmarked some excellent facilities for companies operating in the port area.

Similar to the existing Belmet model, a flat management structure, coupled with a hands-on approach will be implemented and this will allow for a transfer of skills from Belmet’s project management team and experienced artisans to the local Namibian artisans and operators.

Today ISO-listed Belmet is highly regarded within the oil, gas, diamond and mineral processing industries as a technically competent, progressive and hands-on fabrication company manufacturing to DNV, Lloyds, AWS, ASME and EN specifications. The list of international customers continues to grow as Belmet demonstrates ongoing and progressive technical capability within the West African Oil & Gas industry.

The Belmet Difference

Unlike traditional companies, Belmet has a flat hands-on management structure which means that every Project Manager is personally involved in all aspects of each project – from the quotation to design to fabrication to installation and commissioning. All personnel are totally customer-focused and service-oriented and we pride ourselves in our ability to fully understand all of our customers (both local and international) and to delivering on their exacting requirements.

Belmet has an experienced team of youthful engineers that allows for the adoption of new technologies and the constant review of all practices and procedures. Any new methods of design or fabrication are passed directly onto the customer, offering valuable input at the front end engineering and design stage. Flux-cored welding is the preferred method of joining steel plates at Belmet and the increased levels of productivity derived from this welding process allows for improved fabrication and delivery lead times.

These factors along with an ability to meet all delivery deadlines; to manufacture to stringent international specifications; and the business philosophy of honesty, integrity and transparency sets Belmet apart from other traditional companies.


The Belmet Logo

The Belmet logo not only signifies the values of the company but it epitomises the strength and character of the company.

  • The three points of the concave triangle indicate the values that we espouse – honesty, transparency and integrity
  • The gears are synonymous with our mechanical engineering background and also reflect that our staff understand their role as important cogs in the Belmet machine.
  • The flat face of the sword reflects that Belmet strives to be at the cutting edge of technology and business development.
  • The blue of the Belmet name reflects our marine connection.
  • All the outlines of the logo are clearly defined and distinct displaying the quality on which Belmet has built the organisation.

Mission Statement

Belmet will be the most respected Cape Town-based engineering company servicing West Africa by adhering to the following tenets:

  • Treating all our customers with honesty, integrity and displaying a passion for their business
  • Developing the skills of our employees, so that they grow experientially and can thereby positively contribute to their respective communities.
  • Displaying excellence in all aspects of what we do, how we do it and what we say.
  • Creating wealth for all our stakeholders (suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders) through the development of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Employing sound management practices in all decision-making including employment equity, succession planning and skills development in a socially responsible manner.


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